Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's Your Groundhog Day?

What's Your Groundhog Day Look Like? 2014 - Billy Funk not Bill Murray ;)

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Groundhog Day 2014 - What Does Your Groundhog Day Look Like?

Your Groundhog Day is your True Driving Force, Your True Why! What if all the money you wanted to make was made? And all the people you wanted to help were helped. What would you do next? If you could live a day over and over again... where you did exactly what you wanted to do, in the exact place in the world you wanted to be, and with the exact people you wanted to be with... what would that look like? What's your true passion?

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Get to the outcome first in your mind! Know it and move towards it!

Stay Positive... Stay Passionate and You'll Always Stay Powerful!!

- Billy Funk
(aka The Extreme Networker)
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